Roger Hellen Lands a New World Record Brown Trout, Rival to Tom Healy's Fish Caught Last Year

Story submitted by Pete Johnson of the International Game Fish Association.

Roger Hellen with his 41lb 7oz Lake Michigan brown trout

Less than a year ago Michigan’s Tom Healy made headlines in the fishing world by catching a new IGFA World Record brown trout weighing (18.8 kg)  41 lb 7 oz. And this past July 16, Roger Hellen of Franksville, Wisc., USA stirred a great deal of talk after landing an equally big brown trout (Salmo trutta) weighing 18.82 kg (41 lb 8 oz). Hellen was fishing Lake Michigan, off the Wisconsin coastline trolling a Fishlander spoon when the monster hit it taking him 30 minutes to land. Though Hellen’s fish is one ounce heavier than the current all-tackle record set by Healy on Sept. 8, 2009, according to IGFA World Record requirements, to replace a record fish weighing 11.33 kg (25 lbs) or more, the replacement must weigh at least one half of 1 percent more than the existing record. Bottom-line, Healy and Hellen might be sharing an IGFA World Record tie for their two fish.