Wild Trout on Lochindorb in Morayshire


You can't beat a bit of wild trouting. Lochindorb, on the head waters of a little tributory of the Findhorn, has been providing free fishing for generations of anglers. A productive loch about 2 miles in length it is a great venue for beginners with plenty of free rising fish and no permit required. Chuck in the occasional salmon, sharing your day with the ultimate fishing expert - the osprey and off course the island castle lair of the rabbid Wolf of Badenoch and you have all you need for a great day out.


Lochindorb is a very shallow water. Fishing from a boat some years ago we ran aground regularly in the middle of the loch so if you are boating take it easy out there especially if using an outboard motor. There were boats for hire but I am not sure that this is the case now. You can take your own boat or even a float tube, you can't see him but there is a chap bobbing about off the trees in the picture opposite. Wading the loch is a dawdle, the top half from the inflow stream to the lodge is like a gravel path while the other half from the lodge to the out flow has a rocky bottom and needs a little more respect.


The fish aren't big, 8 to 10 inches on average, breakfast trout. Tossed in some seasoned flour and oatmeal and fried in butter they make a fab breakfast. There are a few bigger fish but the beauty of Lochindorb is it's geneousity, lots of fish. Salmon do make it up to Lochindorb much to the surprise of the occasional angler fishing light for wee troot. Back end of the season after a good spate is the best chance of a fish.

Doing anything other than fishing the fly would be a sin on Lochindorb, but there are no restrictions and any legal method is allowed. As to flies it is easy, any traditional with black and red or in olive and brown; Bibio, Kate Maclaren, Greenwell, March Brown, Black Pennell, Peter Ross, Bloody Butcher will do nicely. Dry fly does well too, just match the hatch, I have seen some decent hatches of olives or watch for what is blowing in from the heather (usually something black or olive / brownish, Daddies, hoppers and moths)


I like to fish traditional style, casting one line straight out, one at 45 degrees and one parallel to the shore then a step or two,, moving down the shore. Cover any fish you see rising.


The loch is easily accessible with a tarmac road along one shore, please park with care - don't use the passing places, don't go driving off into the heather, no fires and please take your litter home with you.

Just one thing, midges! Avoid having your day destroyed by taking a good midge repellent, Avon Skin so Soft is brilliant.

Oddly enough with so many great places to go fishing in Morayshire I find that when I am in the area looking for something to do on a Sunday Lochindorb draws me, maybe its because it is free - maybe, just maybe it's because the place is special. Try it, let me know what you think.