Useful Facts to Know Before You Start to Fish in the UK

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There are so many bits and bobs an angler need to know about fishing before you even set out to fish so we have provided a series of features on some of the regular issues that crop up in our search engine enquiries statistics.

There is information about rod licenses and where to buy them. Information about permits backed up by the Where to Fish Directory with information on fishing on hundreds upon hundreds of fisheries. The fishing season dates for Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales are listed, information about closed days and catch limits is provided and dire warnings attached where necessary. There is information covering the threats to our fish and fisheries posed by Gyrodactylis.


There have been a number of enquiries on the subject of pike and I have a limited knowledge on the subject (if you can add to the store of information please email me). I do know that there has been a growing interest the sporting worth of these fish and since they have lived in carnivorous harmony with the many species of fresh water species in this country for millennia their presence in a water should not be held in contempt. Pike are a great sporting fish and catch and release is now positively encouraged.

Visit the Where to Fish Directory for details of dozens of great pike venues.

With the influx of people from Eastern Europe the feathers of the 'native species' of pike angler have been ruffled as the pike is also considered a good bit of grub if you know how to deal with the bones. I see no reason not to take fish for the table in moderation.

I also note recently that 'celebrity chefs' are featuring pike on their programmes as a sustainable fish. A bit worrying because commercial fishing is a sure route to changing a vibrant population into an endangered species.

In Scotland much of the pike fishing is free or relatively inexpensive. Check matters out locally just in case. In England, where pike are more prized as a sporting fish, you will need a coarse fishing rod license as well as permit to fish.

I hope you find the information above useful when planning a fishing trip. Please double check on anything contained in the articles before acting on the information as terms and conditions and data changes regularly. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any corrections or additions.