The Highland Wildlife Park Photo Gallery

Forget the cute and cuddly, get cosy with tigers and bears, here is a little taster

Amur Tiger

Just a sheet of glass between a tiger and me, excuse if the pic is a bit shaky, these tigers are big.

Highland Wildlife Park

Taken from inside my car, don't dare get out for a closer look

Highland Wildlife Park

This bear was getting interested, time to move on!

Highland Wildlife Park

Is that goat sizing up the buffalo, look like a Glesca kiss is being lined up

Highland Wildlife Park

They are beautiful aren't?

Highland Wildlife Park

A deer takes a break in a lean too shed

Hioghland Wildlife Park

Cute or what, that Lama was a real poser

Highland Wildlife Park

My dog Bonnie at her favourite past time fetching sticks from the gin clear waters of the river Don. You might guess that dogs must be firmly under control in the park, keep them in your car at all times. There is an exercise area just outside the park


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