Whats Luck Got To Do With It?

4 leaf Clover

How much does luck play a part in fishing, good question and there is no answer. Skill, knowledge in general, local knowledge, instinct all play a massive part in fishing but what about that salmon that by rights should have run away from me but ran into my awaiting net. That was luck but it was also my change of tactics that hooked it.
I am one of those people who contibute to the jackpot in a fruit machine or on the lottery. I know of folk who win the jackpot and the toss of the coin against the odds.
Well, out walking the dog today with my camera I found a couple of things that I would like to share with ya all. A four leaf clover nestled in the grass, a symbol of luck.
To my surprise a few steps futher on a 5 leaf clover was at my feet, a portent of money coming they say.

5 Leaf Clover

Happy to the share the luck with you maybe 10% commission if you catch some cash, ok you're thinking AngloSaxon expression ending in off! I get the picture, hope you enjoy these.

Tight Lines lads and lasses!