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Whiteadder, Berwick and District AA 2018

Whiteadder, Berwick and District AA 2018

The Whiteadder is a tributory of the Tweed joining the Tweed in the tidal waters just over a mile upstream of Berwick upon Tweed .

Producing fish all year from February to November the Whiteadder could be classed as a spate river however with regular rain throughout the season, maintaining good levels, fish constantly move up upstream providing anglers with a sporting chance especially with small flies. This year saw some excellent sea trout. For more detail, pictures and maps click this feature

Berwick and District AA have beats on the Whiteadder: Beat 1 above Allanton Bridge, Beat 2 from Allanton Bridge downstream to a marker at the Cabby Burn above "Willies Hole", Beat 3 left Bank from "Willies Hole" down the left bank to a marker at the March Burn joining the top the Eddington Cauld Pool , (there is a short double bank stretch right bank from "Willies Hole" down to the Ford) Beat 4 a short beat on the right bank from just below the Eddington Cauld down through a futher 2 pools, Beat 5, Hutton Bridge a short beat left bank Beat 6 Clarabad Mill, right bank from Hutton Bridge down to the Mill .

Reports to Date

May 25th

River has dropped away a good deal so we need some rain to get the fish up but there are signs that the sea trout will come soon rain or no rain. Still a bonnie place to cast a line.

Saw an opsrey down below the Ash Tree Pool on the 9th, hovering above me before crashing into the river for a fish. I guess it was just stopping off for a light lunch before heading north.

fish so far for May when we had a little bit of a rise on the the river and some cloud. Dave Paxton had a 9lb fish. Colin Tait had a nice lively 8 pounder on the 12th and Alan Spence had a 7 pounder on the 14th.


16th April 2018

Two fish last week so far , the river is looking good, nice height, clear but not many rods out. An 8lb fish, first of the season was taken on the BDAA water by Dave Paxton who ensured the fish was returned unharmed. River at an excellent 2ft hieght. Hopes are high for more in the coming days.

9th April 2018

The river continues to go up and down as rain and snow melt combine to produce a 2 / 3 foot rise and fall. There were reports of a run of fish going over the SEPA dam at Bluestone, fish were running in numbers as witnessed by the river club watcher.

Great conditions on the 9th, maybe a bit high but no fish reported seen or caught.

The river is down a good 12 inches on yesterday, the 9th, but it is raining again as I write, but not too heavy and the hills look clear of snow. Maybe with a bit more temperature in the water and stable river levels we will see some action this week.

March 2018

Water and weather conditions continue to thwart angling on the Tweeds System. So far to date one fish has been reported from the Bluestone Fishery. Very few kelts reported although one angler hooked and lost two fish on Saturday 25th of March. He could not say with certainty whether they we fresh or kelts.

As of 1st April conditions are back to cold with snow melt which will continue to hold fish back from passing over the caulds on the river at Canty's and Edington. Here's hoping for a warmer spell, April can be good for a springer with a bit of water and warmth.