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Whiteadder, Berwick and District AA 2017

The Whiteadder is a tributory of the Tweed joining the Tweed in the tidal waters just over a mile upstream of Berwick upon Tweed .


Producing fish all year from February to November the Whiteadder could be classed as a spate river however with regular rain throughout the season, maintaining good levels, fish constantly move up upstream providing anglers with a sporting chance especially with small flies. This year saw some excellent sea trout.

Berwick and District AA have beats on the Whiteadder: Beat 1 above Allanton Bridge, Beat 2 from Allanton Bridge downstream to a marker at the Cabby Burn above "Willies Hole", Beat 3 left Bank from "Willies Hole" down the left bank to a marker at the March Burn joining the top the Eddington Cauld Pool , (there is a short double bank stretch right bank from "Willies Hole" down to the Ford) Beat 4 a short beat on the right bank from just below the Eddington Cauld down through a futher 2 pools, Beat 5, Hutton Bridge a short beat left bank Beat 6 Clarabad Mill, right bank from Hutton Bridge down to the Mill .

Reports to date 06/10/17


Feb 1 : March 2; April 1; May 0; June 6; July 15; August 3; Sept 14, Oct 3 (to date)

Total to Date 45


It must be noted that April, May and June this year were exceptionlly poor due to very low water, the same applies to August. There were spates in July and September producing 29 fish. In fact the BDAA water ranked equal 14th out of the 43 beats declaring catch returns for September. Beaten only by beats such as Junction, Sprouston, Bigham. For £160 for a year with BDAA it beats paying in excess of £100 per hour for rootin tootin high fallootin beats!

Worth just getting a season permit even if you only fish a few spate days and pick up a fish or three.


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