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Blackwater Lodge Reports 2019


Glenda Powell Guiding & Blackwater Salmon Fishery

2019 International Year of the Salmon Youth Day 22nd June

Ireland Angling Expo this weekend 16-17 February Dublin

Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei 21-24 February Salzburg Austria

''Many of the most highly publicised events of my presidency are not nearly as memorable or significant in my life as fishing with my daddy.''
Jimmy Carter

As the sun comes up on the eve of our first angling show of the year - Ireland Angling Expo Swords Dublin https://www.facebook.com/IrlAnglingExpo/ - my thoughts are drawn to the game fairs that my daddy used to take us to when we were young.  These shows in Northern Ireland were run by Albert & Irene Titterington from The Great Game Fairs Of Ireland http://www.irishgamefair.com/, and indeed Albert & Irene, along with their team still organise two of the most exciting shows in Ireland, North and South each year.

These events were much anticipated by us four girls and really were a highlight in our year.  Hayley our 'big sister' would always win a medal at the clay pigeon shooting, and went on to represent Ireland and the UK in numerous competitions. Beverley, Emma and I would give the shooting a go and they were quite good but I always ended up with a huge bruise on my shoulder from not holding the gun properly.  It was at the trout pond - which was purposely stocked for the children to have a go at fishing - that I spent my time. I also vividly remember watching Peter O'Reily in the casting arena and wondering how he could cast his line out so effortlessly, wishing that some day I would be able to do the same. It was with great sadness at the end of last year that we said goodbye to Peter. Peter later became a good friend and mentor and he will be remembered by many of us at each event we attend throughout the angling show year.

These events are so important to anglers everywhere and they always have something to offer for our children.  Our own children, Anna & Ian, will be at the Angling Fair with us this weekend on our stand and they also remember a childhood growing up with the fairs.  Come and see us and bring a young person with you if you have the opportunity, we will have a fun competition at our stand for all.

The river Blackwater has been up and down in levels since the season opened on 1st February. We have had a few people fishing in the last two weeks and had a successful Skagit course on the 2nd.  The river is slowly coming into wadable height for the first time, and we would be expecting our first salmon of the year very soon.

This year is the International Year of the Salmon and here at Blackwater Salmon Fishery we are passionate about salmon and we strongly believe that if our salmon are to have a future we need to have anglers on the water in the future.  To help achieve this we must encourage young people to become involved in our sport.

In order to help this happen we will be hosting a ''Young Persons Day'' which promises to be both an educational and fun filled introduction to fishing.  We will be talking about, Safety around water, The life cycle of the Salmon, Why clean water is important to us and the fish and we will have a BBQ and try fishing.

The day is the 22nd June and to book a space on this day please contact me.  Any older person who would like to come and help on this day is also welcome to contact me and we will put on a few extra sausages and burgers on the BBQ.

We look forward to a busy year ahead and look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

Sláinte an bhradáin  (Health of the Salmon Upon You)

00353 (0) 872351260

Glenda Powell Guiding & Blackwater Salmon Fishery

Reports on: Opening Day February 1st on the River Blackwater

Ireland Angling Expo 16-17 February Dublin

Die Hohe Jagd & Fischerei 21-24 February Salzburg Austria

''No Winter lasts forever: no Spring Skips it's turn.'' Hal Borland

What a wonderful day we had on the River Blackwater today. This day marked the beginning of our Salmon Fishing Season which is a very special day in our year. In the last few days Winter seemed to return to the valley, and the daffodils were bowing to the cold weight of snow resting on their heads. Today the rain stopped and the sun came out to greet us. She warmed our cold hands and faces and joined in with the Opening Day celebrations. We were honoured that people came from far and wide to be with us on this very special day. These people knew that the chance of fishing was slim after the recent flood from heavy rain yesterday and snow melt from the mountains. Like pilgrims following a ritual obligation we travel to the river on this day. Often searching for that basic need to be part of something bigger than ourselves, we find ourselves drawn to the river. An urgent need in this busy world, to find solace and personal reflection in a familiar like minded community we travel - despite the adverse conditions.

This winter Noel wrote a quote by Henry David Thoreau on the wall above the fireplace in Kilmurry hut which says it all:

''Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.''

For some of our far away friends they could not travel because of dangerous road conditions and we look forward to seeing them soon. We toasted the river, prayed that the river would be kind to us this year, and that all who fish in Her would be kept safe. We gave thanks that we could be here today and had a moment of silence for those who made their last cast last year and cannot be with us this year. The Last Cast but the River Flows On.

This year is the International Year of the Salmon and to celebrate and we made a special Blackwater Salmon Fishery keyring adorned with the old Irish 10p coin and a piece of Donegal Tweed in it to present to the people who came to the fishery today.

We had the pleasure of trying out the LTS Nitro 12' 6 Double handed rod teamed with the SCS line A fantastic tool and I would be very happy to make an appointment with anyone who would like to try this equipment. http://www.lts-flyfishing.uk/products.html

Tomorrow is the first of our Fly Fishing Courses this year - the Double Handed Skagit Course.

The next course is the Double Handed Course for Improvers which is held on the 2nd March and one space has become available.

Please contact me if you would like to book this place.

This month I will be attending 2 Fishing Shows one in Dublin and the other in Austria. In March I will be taking a group of anglers to Patagonia to fish for some of the largest Sea-trout in the world. We look forward to a busy year ahead and look forward to seeing you somewhere soon.

Sláinte an bhradáin (Health of the Salmon Upon You) Glenda 00353 (0) 872351260 glenda@glendapowellguiding.com http://blackwatersalmonfishery.com/ http://glendapowellguiding.com/