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After a complete review of all entries for fisheries in England by Spinfish several have been indentified as enabling for disabled anglers.


If you know of any other venues suitable for anglers with disabilities please e-mail Spinfish with details.


Coarse Fishing

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Canals Trust

The Canals Trust have over 2,000 miles of waterway to look after for the many interest groups who use them. With so much water it is no wonder that fishing is high on the list of activities.

The Trust issues a Waterway Wanderers Permit that entitles you to fish on an impressive amount of water throughout England and Wales (for just £20).

For information on how to apply for a permit Goto Waterway Wanderers Permit Application for a list of waters covered by the permit Goto Canal Trust Waterway Wanderers Permit Waters

Coarse Fishing


Chestnut Pool Langford

Near Biggleswade. A top listing 3 acre mixed fishery with big roach, rudd, perch, bream and carp in the 20lb plus range including common, mirror and crucian. In addition there are golden tench, roach, rudd an skimmers

There is a shop and toilets and disabled access. Night fishing is allowed but must be pre-booked.

Open March to November.

Call 01462 701865

Google Map Reference 52.056035 -0.271908

Checked 18/09/18

Henlow Bridge


A holiday park with 4 lakes and a stretch of the river Hiz. Very good facilities with good access for disabled anglers including toilets.

Call 01462 812645

Google Map Ref 52.028301, -0.268407

Checked 18/09/18

How End

Just off the B530 near Houghton Conquest, 2 lakes designed to maximise fishing with pegs designed with under water contouring and shelves to attract and hold fish.

The Lakes are;

Yasi's Lake, 17 pegs on a snake shaped lake allowing good coverage of all the water with pole. Stocked with carp, barbel, ide, roach, perch, bream, there is something to fish for the whole year.

Dani's Lake 20 pegs, carp, tench, crucians, golden tench, rudd, bream and perch.

Pegs have been specially designed for disabled anglers next to parking. All other pegs have been designed without steps.

You can become a member or just take a day tickets. Call 07711 637338 or 07753 743802

Google Map Ref 52.057216, -0.494981

Checked 19/09/18

Lakeside Coarse Fishery


2 lakes Top and Bottom, mixed fisheries with carp into the 20s, bream, tench, perch, roach and lots of silver fish. Good facilities including toilets and accessible to wheelchair user. Match booking accepted.

Call 01296 682201

Google Map Ref 51.892848, -0.769986

Checked 18/09/18



Redlands Lake

Owner by Southlake Angling Society and situated near Whistley Green, Twyford. This lake is a general fishery with large shoals of bream to 14lb 15oz, tench to 12lb 10oz, good stocks of roach, rudd, perch, pike and a good head of carp.

Redlands Carp stock is approximately 200 fish ranging from single figure to 36lb, the majority of these fish are upper double / low twenty. It is a harder lake than Southlake and the busiest period is during the closed season.

Redlands has swims designed to cater for disabled anglers.

There is also a small stretch of the river Loddon, running alongside the lake which produces varied bags of barbell, chub, roach and dace. (Open all-year-round)

Google Map Reference 51.462703 -0.860409

Waterloo Meadows

Located in the heart of Reading fishinh the Kennet in Waterloo Meadows is free. Fishing for chub, bream, barbel, perch, pike and roach.

Google Map Ref 51.442301, -0.974201

Checked 20/09/18


Milton Keynes Angling Association

Look no further, the club has fishing all over the county. 9 lakes / lake groups, fishing on the Ouse and Tove and on the canals.

The Lakes include:

Ashland; 4 lakes with small carp

Bradwells Lake; 23 acres with 60 pegs of which 18 have been specially adapted for disabled anglers. Big bream, tench, roach, perch, pike, crucians and rudd.

Caldecote; 90 acres with big roach, pike into the 30s, bream to doubles and big tench.

Emberton Park; fishing on 4 lakes and the river Ouse.

Furzton Lake; 70 acres, 60pegs with carp in the mid 20s, roach, bream, tench,

Wolverton Lake; 2 small lakes with carp to the mid 20s

Lodge Lake; 8 acres carp to the mid 20s, roach, bream, tench, big perch and crucians.

Wilden Lake; 150 acres, 2 lakes, bream to doubles, big tench, pike to the 30s and lots of skimmers. North Lake has carp to the mid 20s.

The Association also has fishing on a number of stretches of the river Ouse and Grand union Canal. Some exceptional barbel on the Ouse at Ravenstone Mill.

It is inexpensive to join, permits from the bailiffs on the bank. Or join or buy on line goto Milton Keyes Angling Association permits

Google Map Reference 52.037438 -0.781881

Checked 20/19/18

Westfield Fishery

Located near Medmenham a purpose built carp lake of about 305 acres plus a half mile stream stretch.

The lake has common and mirror carp with 6 over 30lbs and one of 38lbs. There are also crucians, big tench, bream and pike.

The Stream holds brown trout tench, bream, roach, pike and some carp.

There is access for disabled anglers, toilets, showers, fridges for bait and mobile phone charger points.

Google Map Ref 51.552025, -0.849657

Checked 20/0918


Cambridge Fish Preservation Society


Barnwell Lake, a good family venue with several platforms for disabled anglers. In the Canbridge next to the United footbal ground. Permits from Cooper and Sons and FJ Farrington in Cambridge;

Google Map Ref 52.212183, 0.151825

Checked 22/09/18

Ferry Meadows Country Park


The park is located on the outskirts of Peterborough by Orton Wistow. There are 2 natural lakes available, Gunwade and Overton, fed by waters from the river Nene.

There is a good range of fish including bream, pike carp and zander producing bags of up to 150lb on occasion.

Gunwade has carp to the 30s, pike in the 20s, bream, tench 10+, eesl, zander in the high teens, plus roach, skimmers and hybrids.

There are 2 swims set aside for disabled anglers next to the sailing club where there is good access and toilets.

Permits can be bought from the bailiffs on the bank or you can get a season ticket which is inexpensive considering the quality of the fishing (juniors fish for free). You can also buy permits or members tickets from these shops in Peterborough:

Fish On in Lincoln Rd

Feltons in South Street

Webbs Tackle in Newark Av

Google Map Ref 52.567250, -0.307274

Checked 23/09/18

Head Fen Lakes


Near Downham, 3 lakes to 10 acres with 77 pegs available.The lakes are:

Tosh's Lake, 13 pegs with common and mirror carp, ghost carp bream, to 6lbs.

Trevs Lake, 36 pegs designed for float / pole fishing, chub, bream, barbel, roach, perch tench, crucians and carp to doubles.

Snake Lake, 28 pegs 13m wide and 2 to 4 feet deep throughout with just carp in the 1 to 7lb range.

Permits include a concession ticket for disabled anglers and a carer.

Call 07971 574375 or 07831 810052

Google Map Ref 52.469966, 0.237293.

Checked 23/09/18

Waterbeach Angling Club


Waterbeach Angling Club offers fishing on a number of locations to members and day tickets holder (tickets for some waters can be bought on the bank) including:

Magpie Lake at Landbeach. A canal style lake with carp to 16lbs roach over 2lbs. A popular float and pole beat.

Rex Aitkins Water has carp to over 18lbs good bream, silver fish and roach The island in the middle of the lake attracts the carp.

Layland Water, carp to over 35lbs very big bream and tench plus rudd and roach. Call 07759977513 to enquire about membership and (limited) day tickets.

River Cam the club have 6 sections of the Cam, wild fishing for what ever species you bump into. The waters are at: Cam Sailing Club, Hartleys Wash, Burts Wash, Sanders Wash, Cutris's Wash, Swaffam Lode.

Old West Lagoon near Stetham. Wild fishing for rudd, bream and roach.

The club have also set up a swim designed to accommodate disabled anglers.

For enquiries call  07759 977513

Google Map Ref for Landbeach area lakes 52.267530, 0.171875

Checked 22/09/18


Coole Acres Fishery

A recent development located between Nantwich and Audlem, 3 lakes with some specimen fish.

Fox Lake is for specimens including carp to over 28lbs and Wels Catfish to 24lbs and growing.

Spanner Lake carp 4 to 13lbs plus bream and chub.

Lodge Lake for tench specialists with fish to 8lbs plus also crucians, roach and chub.

Permits bought on the bank. Call 01270 812929 or 07747 007669 for further information.

Google Map Ref 53.006367, -2.528398

Checked 25/09/18

Flushing Meadow

Acton Bridge, afishery consising of 5 lakes:

Snake- common and morror carp to doubles plus crucians, skimmers, roach, rudd, tench, blue tench, golden orfe.

Small Marl- reserved for wheelchair users. Common, and mirror carp to doubles plus orfe, barbel, roach, skimmers, crucians.

Island- common, and mirror carp to doubles plus crucian and ghost carp, skimmers, perch, roach, rudd, tench, gudgeon, golden orfe, silver bream, chub.

Deep Marl, common and mirror carp to doubles plus roach, tench, orfe, skimmers, perch and crucians.

Kingfisher Canal same stock as Snake.

Call 07754172252

Google Map Reference 53.271381 -2.606164

Checked 23/09/18

Four Oaks Fishery

Just 6 miles from Chester Four Oaks is a mixed fishery consisting of 2 lakes:

Heron Pit 27 Pegs and Pete's Pool 8 Pegs. The lakes hold carp to 19lb, brean to 6lb, tench, rudd, roach, chub and perch.

Pete's Pool has 2 pegs for disabled anglers with good access and close to the tiolets.

Call 01244 881945

Google Map Ref 53.244194, -2.947368

Checked 23/09/18

Gawsworth Fisheries


Located between Macclesfield and Congleton on Church Lane this fishery has 5 lakes and a private canal.

The lakes are:

Wall Pool, 2 acres with common, mirror and ghosts carp to 15lbs plus crucians, tench, chub, brbel, roach, perch, bream, a good all rounder pool.

Wood Pool, carp to over 30lbs plus big tench and barbel.

Park Pool, 2 acres, of specimen water with mirror and common carp to 25lb plus, good tench and crucians.

Coppice, one of the deepest pools at 88ft. There is a long island in the middle, carp to 8lbs, bream and lots of skimmers and silvers.

Spring Pool, 2 acres, mirror and common to 20lbs plus bream and tench.

Serpentine Canal, for 46 pegs averaging 7 feet deep well stocked with carp to 6lbs, bream, tench, crucians.

Call 01260 223442

Google Map Ref 53.224973, -2.164265

Checked 25/09/18

Greenwood Fishery

Part of a rural regeneragtion scheme the fishery is sited in a nature reserve.

There are 4 lakes:

Kingfisher and Lagoon lakes are plearure fisheries with a wide variety of species but there are carp to doubles.

Specimen Lake holds common and mirror carp to 20lb plus, it also has doubles koi, leather and ghost carp and crucians.

Match Lake has 18 pegs, a mixed fishery it also has good bream and silvers.

4 pegs have been set aside for disabled anglers.

There are toilets and showers (handy for bivvy fishers) on site and a cafe during the summer.

Call 01270 812929 or 07747 007669.

Google Map Ref 53.321130, -2.585102

Checked 25/09/18

Hampton Springs Fishery

An 8 lake fishery with a good reputation for quality angling. the lakes are not big but they are varied in size and shape, with islands and other features making the fishing interesting.

Lakes include:

Poplars, half an acre with 16 pegs, carp averaging 4lbs plus chub, tench, bream, perch, roach and barbel

Alice Springs, 2 acre mixed fishery with carp to 21lb good bream, plus lots of raoch, rudd, perch, green and gold tench, chub and barbel.

Oasis, half an acre with 15 pegs, good for pole fishing. Smaller fish, a good beginners pool. Lots of skimmers, silvers , rudd, roach, chub, mirror and common carp to 8lbs, barbel, crucians, green and gold tench.

Rock Idol, 2.5 acreswith 4 islands, 31 pegs holding mirror and common carp up 16lbs plus roach, perch, chub, bream, tench and crucians.

Meadows, 30 pegs over 1 acre, a long narrow lake with carp to 8 / 10 lbs, bream, chub, perch, grenn and gold tench. A good pole, wagler water.

Long Island, 2.5 acres for up to 50 anglers. tench, carp to 15lbs, chub, crucians, skimmers, perch.

Willow, 35 pegs with mirror and common carp, lots of chub and barbel plus bream, crucians and tench.

Folly is a 3 acre lake for 15pegs with mirros to 26lbc and common carp ro 21lbs.

The fishery has accesss for vehicles around most of the site plus toilets including disabled facilities.

Call 01948 820789

Google Map Ref 53.049146, -2.724783

Lingmere Fishery

Located in Moreton in the Wirral this 2 lake fishery offer pleasure fishing and match fishing opportunities.

The Pleasure Lake is stocked with carp to 26lbs, tench to 10, golden tench, ghost carp, perch, roach, rudd, bream, chub, hybrids, orfe, ide and F1s.

The match lake has 32 pegs, carp in 1 to 15lb range, barbel to 8 plus tench, crucians, bream, chub, silvers, ide and F1 carp.

There is a cafe, mail and female toilets and facilities for disabled anglers. The lakes have good access for wheelchair users and by calling in advance and making arrangements anglers who need additional support can be provided for.

Call 01516777911 or 07766651817.

Google Map Ref 53.410611, -3.126557

Checked 29/09/18

Lonsdale Park

A holiday centre for fishing holidays in Cumwhinton near Carlisle with 5 lakes available for guests although they do allow some day tickets between November and March. The lake hold a variety of fish some with carp in to 30+.

The reason it is included here is that it does cater very well for disabled anglers with fish mobility buggies to help you to get around the lakes or just explore the 40 acre site.

Call 01228 562655

Google Map Ref 54.855473, -2.832309

Checked 29/09/18

Lloyds Meadow Fishery


Located near Mouldsworth there are 4 lakes in a 9 acre mature setting with some tree lined areas and reed beds all sypatheticalyl managed.

The lakes area:

Fox, with 14 hard stands suits people with mobility issues. Well stocked with mirror and common carp to 6lbs, crucians, roach, rudd, bream, skimmers and tench.

Badger, 31 swims with a mature treed island. The lake holds mirror and common carp to 8lbs, roach, rudd, bream, skimmers and perch to over 3lbs.

Kingfisher, a wheelchair accessible lake, has mirror, and common carp to 10lbs, ghost carp, roach, rudd, chub skimmers and perch.

Heron, there are big perch here over 4lbs, roach, rudd, bream, skimmer, and mirror and common carp to 8lbs.

Call 01928 740710

Google Map Ref 53.229229, -2.729025

Checked 26/09/18

Manley Springs Coarse Fishery

3 lakes stocked with a variety of species including, common, mirror and crucian carp, bream, perch, roach, rudd, tench and gudgeon.

Wheelchair access is available

For booking or further information call 07533 683396 or 07871 933550

Google Map Ref 53.239638, -2.727207

Checked 25/09/18

Partridge Lakes

15 lakes spread over a 70 acre site with 394 pegs. Fair choice for a day out (or several days). The site is carefully landscaped with good made paths, well constructed platforms and the waters are very well stocked.

Many lakes are day tickets only, some however are used for match fishing and become unavailable. Matched are on 7 days a week and it is good to note that there are open matches for disabled, over 60s and blue badge holders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For week end matches you do need to book, call 07950057613.

Here is a sample of some of what is available.

Holbar, day ticket only, 47 pegs, common and mirror carp to 26lbs, hybrid carp, chub, F1 carp (bet they are quick), bream, barbel and silvers.

The Coveys, consists of 6 lakes with 173 pegs over a 5 acre area. F1, mirror, common, ide, barbel, chub.

Gold Lake, carp to 22lbs, tench, barbel, silvers, ide.

Spey Canal, 22 pegs ide, common, skimmers, F1 carp to 15lb, mirrors, bream, golden tench, perch, roach.

Marsh Canal, 22 pegs runs along side Spey (Speyside you might say). Carp to 12lbs, golden tench, common and mirror carp, barbel, bream, roach, rudd.

Willow Lake, 20 pegs, located next to the cafe, toilets and shop. 20 pegs, F1s, barbel, bream, roach, rudd, golden tench, silvers.

Ribbon Lake, 15 pegs, F1s, common and mirror carp, golden tench.

Piper. 15 pegs, carp to 20lbs Tweed Lake, there seems to be a Scottish theme here, 15 pegs, F1, common and mirror carp, roach, rudd, bream to 9lbs.

Pines Lake, 15 pegs, F1s, common and mirror carp, to 6lbs, skimmers.

Google Map Ref 53.446822, -2.531763

Checked 25/09/18

Roman Lake

Roman Lakes Leisure Park, Marple nr Chester, a 10 acre lake and 'canal' complex in a wooded valley. Holds good stocks of carp (30lbs+), pike (20lb+), bream, perch, roach, tench.

There is good parking next to the lake and a Visitor Centre with a tearoom and toilets including facilities for the disabled.

Permits must be bought before commencing fishing, you can buy one at the Visitor Centre (there is a penalty charge if you buy after starting fishing.) Disabled angler recieve a £1 discount on the permit.

Call 0161 4272039

Google Map Reference. 53.387435, -2.047188

Checked 24/09/18


Argal Reservoir

Near Penryn. A 65 acre reservoir with quality carp to over 40lbs plus perch, pike to mid twenties , bream to mid teens, tench, rudd and roach. 24 swims.

Open 24 hours all year. There is a cafe and toilets including disabled facilities and wheel chair accessible platforms next to the car park. It is also a dog freindly fishery.

Google Map Reference 50.152970, -5.132673

Bude Canal

Run by the Bude canal Association offers fishing for roach, rudd, dace, perch, tench, carp and bream on thier 1.5 mile stretch. There even occasional brown trout.

The Association also has a lake at Whalesborough with carp, bream, tench and roach.

There is vehicle access to the canal with parking and the Association has installed a number of purpose built platforms for disabled anglers.

Day Tickets for the canal from the Post Office in Bude and for the lake from the Weir Cafe which is located on the lakeside.

There is local membership and associate membership for folk living outwith an 18 mile radius of Bude.

Google Map Reference 50.825669, -4.546598

Checked 26/09/18

Melbury Reservoir

A 12 acre lake near Bideford with common and mirror carp to 31lb plus roach, rudd, hybrids, bream and perch to over 6lbs.

Melbury has wheel chair friendly access and toilets.

Permits from:

Summerlands Tackle, Westward Ho! Tel: 01237 471291

Bideford Tourist Information Centre, Bideford Tel: 01237 477676

Exe Valley Angling, Tiverton Tel: 01844 242275

Barton Torrs Stores, Bideford Tel: 01237 472977

Google Map Ref 50.956812, -4.300271

Porth Reservoir

Near Newquay. A mixed fishery of about 40 acres holding bream, rudd, tench and carp. Open all year. Tickets from a machine in the car park.

There are platforms for disabled anglers near the car Park

For more information call 01288 321262.

Google Map Reference 50.419860 -5.000641


Carlisle and District, Coarse AC

Carlisle Dist AC have the fishing on Crofton Lake which they have developed and improved over many years of hard work.

The club has installed platforms for disabled anglers.

The lake holds a wide range of species with mirror and common carp to doubles, crucians, roach, rudd, gudgeon, tench, bream and perch.

Day tickets cannot be bought on the bank but can be had from Wilsons Tackle in Carlisle or Calton hill Fishery Cumwhinton.

For membership enquires call 01228 542622

Google Map Reference 54.839432 -3.081330

Checked 27/09/18


Barlow Trout and Course Fishery

4 miles from Chesterfield, is located just on the edge of the Peak District consisting of a 8 lakes.. Hard paths and roads make access for disabled anglers.

There 4 coarse lakes with a good variety of species including carp

3 trout lakes stocked with fish in the 1.5 to 2lb range with bigger fish in the lakes.

A carp lake, overnight fishing is allowed

There is a cafe, good parking, toilets and hard paths with flat surfaces making it accessible to disabled anglers.

Permits can be bought on site.

Located at Crowhole, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TJ.

Call 0114 2890543

Google Map Reference 53.276857 -1.497102

Checked 30/09/18

Beechwood Park

A 6 lake complex (Swan x2) Warren, Oak, kingfisher, Horseshoe.

All are stocked with a mixed fishery range including carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd (Warren, 25 pegs) has carp to 15lbs, tench to 5 and chub to 4lbs plus roach, rudd, bream and perch).

All pegs are purpose built to accomodate young persons, disabled and elderly.

Call 07973562689.

Google Map Ref 52.889805, -1.384213

Checked 30/09/18

Birch House Fishery

Located near Ednaston this fishery consists of 9 lakes totalling 14 acres with 200 pegs. It is a mixed pleasure and match fishery.

The fishery has good facilities with a cafe, toilets, and facilities for disabled anglers.

The lakes are;

Kingfisher, 2 acres, 35 pegs, with a wides range of species in cluding carp to min 30s.

Mallard and Teal, 2 canal style lakes well suited to pole fishing. Mallard has 55 pegs while Teal is smaller with 21 pegs. They hold stocks of roach, rudd, bream to 8lbs, perch, tench, orfe, ide and lots of skimmers.

Heron, common and mirror carp to mid 20s, crucians, bream, tench, rudd, roach and f1s.

Horseshoe, 36 pegs, is stocked only with common and mirror carp (they recon 2.5 tons went in 6oz to 22lbs), there are also F1 hybrids.

Doughnut, 12 pegs common and mirror to 16lbs.

Buzzard, a small 21 peg pool with mirror and common carp on the 6 to 16lb range with a biggie recently coming in at 25lb 11ozs.

Dove, a mixed fishery.

Google Map Ref 52.972698, -1.641208

Checked 30/09/18

Callow Top

A fishing camp site with a lake stocked with rudd, roach, tench, perch and crucian carp and 100lb plus bags have been recorded. There are double pegs suitable for parents with children and for people with disabilities.

Day and week tickets available with reductions for under 16 year olds.

Call 01335 344020

Google Map Reference 53.026274 -1.736204

Checked 30/09/18

Press Manor Fishery

Just 5 miles from Chesterfield the fishery consists of 3 lakes for trout, carp and coarse fishing.

The coarse lake is 3.5 acres with 32 pegs with stocks of bream, roach, tench, carp, bream, barbel and specimen perch to over 3lbs. Good access for disabled anglers.

The carp lake is 3.5 acres with fish to just over 20lbs, about 80 fish with 12 commons. There are 14 sizeable pitches.

There is a lodge serving food and hot beverages. There are toilets on site.

Call 07976 306073 

Google Map Reference 53.251418 -1.517033

Checked 30/09/18


Stafford Moor Fishery

Seven lakes set in a 67 acre estate of which 35 are lakes Pines has pegs for disabled anglers. The lakes are:

Tanners, 5 acres with 9 islands, there are lots of features to fish around. Carp, common and mirror to 13lbs, tench, golden and green tench, bream to 5lbs, roach, rudd and perch to 5lbs.

Pines, 20 pegs in this 3 acre lake with perch to 4lbs and bream to 5, roach, rudd skimmers and tench. Peg 1 to 5 are suitable for disabled anglers.

Woodpecker, a 5 acre lake with carp to 15lbs, tench and bream to 5, rudd and eels to 6lbs.

Beatties, an 8 acre lake with 11 swims, booking is essential the reason being that there are 400 carp in high teens, 40 over 20lbs and fish to 30 to 35 lbs, all growing nicely. There are also eels to 10lbs and perch to 4lb.

Lodge, close on 9 acres with carp to 30+, tench to 5lbs, eels and perch to 5lbs.

Oak, a pleasure lake with carp to 7lbs and lots of skimmers.

Willow is a new venue open from 2019, skimmers, carp and bream.

Call 01805 804360

Google Map Ref 50.884910, -3.993970

Checked 01/09/18


Longham Lake

Near Ferndown this is an other specimen fishery with pike to the mid twenties and carp to 40 plus, bream to 18lbs and there are tench.

Permits can be bought at the lake. Disabled access. Call 01202 581411

Google Map Ref 50.782516, -1.910874


Ringwood and District Angling Association


RDAA have fishing throughout Dorset and Hampshire. For members they have access to16 lakes, 10 stretches of the Avon, 10 on the Stour plus Throops on the Stour where day tickets are available. They also have fishing on 2 beats of Royalty on the Avon.

Many fisheries have disabled parking.

Just so much water I suggest you visit their web site, just Google them.

Checked 04/10/18

Wimboure and District Angling Club


Reviewing what this club have down suggests a very professional approach with real commitment to supporting disabled anglers, well done.

The club has or has access to 11 fishieries including 2 trout fisheries and 7 beats on the Dorset Stour. So lots on offer. The lakes are:

Hatch Pond, next to Nuffield Industrial Estate a good carp venue with 1 swims designated for disabled anglers. Carp to over 30lbs. Google Map 50.744738, -1.981131

Creekmore Lake, 2 lakes for pleasure fishing, 2 designated swims for disabled anglers plus 2 parking bays. Carp to 29lbs, roach, perch, eels. Google Map 50.744209, -2.004405

Alder Hill, carp and pleasure, carp to 30, tench, and roach. Google Map 50.737021, -1.913007

Kingsbridge, consists of 4 lakes, carp to 30, plus tench and roach. 2 designated disabled swims and a portaloo on site. Google Map 50.729758, -2.069128

Edmondsham, carp, bream, tench, roach plus a stretch of the adjacent river Crane for coarse fish and some brown trout and sea trout. Google Map 50.895094, -1.898902

Longham Lake, Shared with SW Lakes see above.

Orchard Lake, 5 lakes, the club has 5 concession tickets here. Google Map 50.772385, -1.666204

Little Cranford Pond, a mature 3 acre pond with carp to 30lbs, bream, roach perch, pike. Google map 50.794940, -1.931247

Revels Fishery another commercial fishery where the club has secured some concession tickets. Google Map 50.848972, -2.460264

Winterboune Zeston Trout Fishery spiring fed fishery with classic gin clear water stocked with rainbows with a few biggies to get the adrenaline going, just love stalking these gin clear waters. There is a designated disabled swim here and toilets. Google Map 50.776199, -2.149165

Rawlsbury Trout Lakes, 4 lakes stocked with rainbows (Viners has brownies too). Toilets and disabled access. Google Map 50.843164, -2.336893

The river fishing is on the Stour at Netherwood, Trickett and parsons, Baileys, Puchases and Chissels, Durweston MIll (did Constable paint this, no, he should have), Buggs and Maitland, Longham Water Works.

Fishing is mostly for coarse fish including pike, roach, dace, perch, bleak and bream. You might encounter brown trout, sea trout and grayling on Netherwood, and Trickets Parsons.

Phew, that's it in brief, but to get a full flavour visit their excellent web site. Details of membership and where to buy your tickets are all there and the cost is very reasonable given the range of waters available.

Checked 04/10/18


Aldin Grange Lakes


5 lakes, 3 for coarse fish and 2 for game fish.

The lakes are;

Blackbird, Woodpeckers and Match Pool for coarse fishing including common, mirror, ghost, crucian and F1 carp plus tench, perch, rudd, roach, bream, cub, ofre, barbel.

For trout there are Skylark and Swallow stocked with rainbows, brown trout and blues for 1 to 15lbs.

There is a lodge with toilets and all of the lakes are accessible for disabled anglers.

Call 0191 3846090 or 07957831711.

Google Map 54.779785, -1.618322 Post Code DH7 7AR

Checked 04/10/18

Angel of the North Fishing Lakes

Near Washington consists of 3 lakes, 2 mixed fisheries and a carp lake. There are good facilities for anglers with disabilities.

Call 0191 4100449

Google Map Reference 54.907710 -1.564195

Checked 02/10/18

Eden Grange Carp Fishery

Located near Shildon on a 12 acre stite this fishery has 4 lakes:

Traditional Pond with carp bream, chub and F1s.

Runs Pool at 1 acre it has 8 pegs with carp 1 to 25lbs, tench and F1s.

Match Pool has carp, ide, chub and F1s.

Catfish Lake with cats 4 to 40lbs.

Best to book. There is a cafe on site and toilets including disabled facilities. Most of the pegs are accessible for disabled anglers and vehicles can be driven to some pegs by Blue Badge holders.

Call 07809 125206

Google Map 54.620765, -1.620218 Post Code DL4 2QD

Checked 04/10/18


A 12 Cuton Lakes

Former gravel pits now extensively redeveloped to a high standard. 4 lakes including 2 specimen lakes. The lakes are:

Specimen 1, 6.5 acres up to 10ft deep stocked with carp15 to 30lb with the record fish at 40.

Specimen 2 is smaller at 4.5 acres with carp in the 10 to 17lb range with a few 20s and 1 over 30. There are also bream to mid teens, tench to low teens, and perch

Island and Woodland Pond with carp, silvers, bream, to 10lbs, tench and perch. There are several pegs suitable for disabled anglers

Call 07946847703

Google Map 51.728539, 0.517693 Post Code CM2 6NX

Checked 08/10/18

Brook Farm

A 2 acre lake with stainless steel platforms stocked with tench, roach, rudd big bream,crucian and carp (ghost, mirror, ) to 30lbs+.

The fishery has good access for disabled abglers especially with those steel platforms. Toilets on site.

Call 01277 372112 or 07887728195

Google Map Post Code RM4 1HL

Checked 08/10/18

Lake John 

2 lakes Top and Bottom holding roach, bream, perch, rudd, chub, gudgeon and a variety of carp.

Top at 2.5 acres has big carp with one scaling in at 46lbs 4ozs. There are also bream, tench, rudd, roach.

Bottom is a smaller match fishery, mixed coarse.

There are 5 swims for disabled anglers.

There are concessions available.

For bookings call 0795 8938152

Google Map Reference 51.706109 0.018835 Post Code EN9 2BJ

Checked 08/10/18

Lee Valley Regional Park

Lee Valley Park have a lot of fishing avaiable at 15 location too many to be detailed here but they include fisheries with 40lb plus carp, pike in the 20s, bream to the upper teens, plus roach rudd, tench eels chub.

In addition they have a scheme offering a special permit for disabled anglers providing specially designed platforms at 7 fisheries and facilities at Banjo Lake and Stock Pit.

You can access this information by going to Lee Valley regional Park Fishing

Call 01992 892 291

Checked 08/10/18

Timberland Fishing Lake

The fishery is located near Harlow and consists of 5 lakes 2 of which are acessible to disabed anglers. The lakes are:

Rose with 20 pegs, a mixed fishery.

Mystery, 7 pegs with carp to doubles. (disabled access, parking next to the peg)

Baggers is a 37 peg match venue. (disabled access, parking next to the peg)

Horseshoe is a 37 peg lake with the biggest fish.

Willow is an 18 peg fishery.

The lakes hold a mixture of bream, tench, perch, roach, rudd, barbel, crucians and carp to 27lbs.

Call 01279 454528 or 07796 792974

Google Map 51.765728, 0.058810 Post Code CM19 5UA

Checked 08/10/18


Elton Carp Fishery

2 purpose built lakes with carp to the high 20s near Newnham on Severn. The lakes are:

Barn; tree lined with 2 islands there are 10 pegs. The lake is stocked with common, mirror, ghost and Jumbo koi.

T here is vehicle access to one peg and level access to platforms suitable for use by wheelchair user.

Horseshoe, has mirror and common carp to high 20s and big ghosts. Night fishing by arrangement. Is it just me but I think the ariel vew looks like a big smiley clown face, or am I just needing to get out more?

Google Map 51.823853, -2.445824 Post Code GL14 1JU

Checked 11/10/18

South Cerney Angling Club

The club have fishing on 6 lakes and 2 rivers. The Rivers are:

River Thames, 2 miles with chub, bream, perch, roach, pike, dace.

River Ray, bewteen Swindon and Cricklade stocked with barbel and silvers.

The lakes;

Stait, day tickets, carp to 20+, bream, roach, rudd and perch. Toilets facilities with disabled access.

Gillmans Lake, day tickets. 1.5 acres, stocked with carp, tench, roach, rudd, bream, chub and barbel. Toilets facilities with disabled access.

Ham Pool, day tickets, 8 acres carp (to 40 plus), bream and tench to doubles, pike to 30 plus. There are also roach, rudd and crucians.

Showers and toilets on site with disabled facilities.

Day tickets can be bought on the bank.

Lakes for members are Whitefriars, Dabchick, Franklins.

Google Map 51.663871, -1.926475 Post Code GL7 5UH

Checked 11/10/18

Stroud and District Angling Club

They have a 50 peg stretch of the Glouscester Canal at Hardwick. You can drive to your peg and there is a specially built disabled anglers peg. They also have fishing on the Thames / Severn canal at Thrupp.

They also have Stratford Park Lake stocked with good roach, bream, perch and common and mirror carp to 26lbs.

Member only but the cost of joining is very affordable and can be obtained from Lobbys Tackle in Stonehouse. Google Map 51.743934, -2.279174

Checked 11/10/18


Broadlands Lakes

There are 3 lakes at Broadlands plus fishing on the rivers Test and Blackwater. The lakes are:

Main Lake, 26 acres fed by waters from the river Test. Lots (I mean lots) of double carp and over 500 20lb plus, there are also roach and eels.

Lower Lake is 2.5 acres, a pleasure lake with carp to27lbs, roach and eels.

Match Lake, 2 acres with 42 pegs good for the pole angler, carp, bream, tench, roach and perch.

There is fishing on the Test salmon, trout, pike to 20lbs, carp to 20 lbs, bream, perch, roach, they have a half mile of the Blackwater including the meetings with the Test.

Disabled anglers have been catered for with specially built platforms with disabled toilets on site.

There is a ticket and tackle shop on site. Call 02380 869881.

Google Map 50.945582, -1.514012 Post Code SO40 2RX

Checked 12/10/18

Dandys Ford Fishery

Located near Romsey Dandys Ford consists of 3 lakes with disabled access to most swims. There is a lodge with cafe and the" facilities".

The lakes are:

Lodge Lake, 23 pegs with carp to doubles, bream, perch, roach, crucians, barbel, green and golden tench.

Calvert, 28 pegs with carp, crucians, silvers, bream, chub, tench.

Kingfisher, 10 pegs on a canal style pool with carp, barbel, roach, crucians, bream, greem and golden tench.

Call 01794 324599 or 07889314929.

Google Map 50.994602, -1.578847 Post Code SO51 6DT

Checked 12/10/18

Willow Lake

A 22 acre day ticket complex with 4 lakes, a cafe with facilities for disabled anglers. The lkes are:

Big Lake, 10 acres 30 bark pegs with some double and trebles great for families. 350 carp to 30lbs, many 20s and lots of high teens.

Middle Lake is 2 acres 27 pegs with some doubles. Carp to 17lbs, bream, tench, roach, perch.

Small Lake, 1.5 acres. A 30 platform mixed match lake carp to 17lbs, tench, bream, roach and perch.

Stock Pond, a 0.6 acre pond great for beginners or kids. Lots of fish.

Call 01252 325867

Google Map Post Code 51.250574, -0.728726 GU12 6RE

Checked 12/10/18


The Mill Pond

A three acre 48 peg lake near Tarrington stocked with carp to 30lbs, bream, tench, golden tench, roach, rudd, gudgeon and good perch.

There is good access for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues can resreve certain pegs. There is a camp site too.

Season, week and day tickets avaiable call 01432 890243.

Google Map 52.066871, -2.548083 Post Code HR1 4JA

Checked 19/10/18

Trippenkennett Farm

A 2 lake fishery near Three Ashes, the lakes are:

Willow, 3 acres up to 3 metres deep this lake holds common and mirror carp to 10lbs, crucians, tench, bream and roach. Good access for wheelchair users.

Oak Lake is 2.75 acres stocked with mirror and common carp to the 20s.

Call 01981 580442 or 07866487598

Google Map 51.898164, -2.726449 Post Code HR2 8LZ

Checked 19/10/18


Rib Valley Lakes

A 3 lake fishery 2 coarse one trout.

The coarse lakes are:

Rib, 12 acres stocked with carp to 30lbs and pike to 25lbs plus roach, tench and perch.

Westmill Lake is 2.5 acres with small carp including common, crucian, mirror some bigger fish are present, plus tench, bream perch.

Tickets from the on site tackle shop. There are also toilet facilities gents, ladies and disabled.

Call 01920 462200

Google Map 51.825169, -0.057909 Post Code SG12 0ES

Checked 14/10/18

Ware Angling Club


Ware AC have access to quite a number of waters either through fisheries they have control off or through consortia.

One lake, Pretty Lake, has a designated peg for disabled anglers. It is well stocked with roach, rudd, bream, carp and crucians.

River Stort, big carp, bream, rudd.

Tumbling Bay Lake, some very big carp.

Turnford Consortium, 4 pits, Railway, Boot, Lea and Marsh with a very wide range of species including carp to 30+, pike to 20+, perch, roach, crucians, bream, tench, to doubles and rudd.

Fisher Green Consortium of 9 member clubs with fishing in a complex including the river Lea, Hooks Marsh Lake, 70 Acre Lake, part of Landridge Lake and the relief Channel. Mixed fishery including big tench and carp.

Royden Marina

Lysander Lake, a match fishery with 28 pegs, carp to 15lbs, bream, ide, roach, rudd, perch.

Hurricane Lake 9 pegs including Spitfire lake with 4 swims. Carp to 30lbs plus also big catfish.

Lancaster Lake, 10 acres carp to 30lbs.

For membership enquiries call 07766 746059

Checked 16/10/18

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight Freshwater Angling Company

IoWFAC is a members club with fishing on lakes and the river Yar. Day Tickets are available for some lakes. The waters are:

Gunville, a 2.5 acre lake surrounded by trees, up to 18 feet deep in places. The lake holds carp to 35lbs, tench, pike to 20s, roach and bream. DT Google Map 50.701200, -1.330606 Post Code PO30 5QH

Merstone, 3 lakes:

Kingfisher is 2.3 acres with carp to 15lbs, ide, bream, tench, roach, perch, crucians. DT

Minnow, a .25 acre lake set up to be accessible to disabled anglers, stocked with carp, roach, perch and chub. DT

Heron, members only, 3.5 acres with carp to 28lbs, tench, bream, pike, perch.

Google Map 50.663731, -1.262081 Post Code PO30 3DD

Holliers, there are 5 lakes here under development 2 of which, Old Island and New Lake, are now open. The lakes hold carp, bream, roach, tench, crucians, perch, eels.

The club also has fishing on the river Yar, upstream from Yarbridge all year, down stream is restricted to 15th July to 30th October. The river holds carp, bream, perch, dace, roach and gudgeon. No day tickets for the Yar. Google Map 50.673557, -1.142738.

Day tickets can be bought from:

East Cowes Tackle, Odessa Angling in Newport, Tims Tackle in Rookley and UK Hook in Shanklin.

No day tickets on a Sunday if there is a match on.

Checked 20/10/18


Elphicks Fisheries

A 7 lake copmlex near Horsmonden consists of a mixture of pleasure and specimen.

West End 3 acres, carp to 50lbs +, Plantation 1.3 acres, North Lake at 6 acres and Pullens 3 acres, carp to 50lbs+ are specimen carp lakes while Kettles 2.5 acres (carp to 30+, tench to 10+, perch), Sandwich 1.5 acres (mixed with carp), Prairie 3 acres (specimen carp to 40lbs+) are day ticket waters.

There is a lodge with a ramped entrance and disabled toilets. Many swims are suitable for disabled anglers with hard ramps and all weather surfaces.

With such big fish this is a popular venue so booking is advised, call 01580 212512.

Google Map 51.114402, 0.428526 Post Code TN12 8EL

Checked 10/10/18


Ashfield Angling Club

A large club with a number of venues around Newark, Nottingham and Yorkshire on the river Trent and 2 lakes. The ranges of species is mostly carp, pike, zander, barbel, chub, roach, bream with some skimmers but you just never know whats about.

Membership is in demand and there is a waiting list but they do issue day tickets for parts of Stoke Bardolf. Best to Google their web site to get the full information there is too much to cover here.

The club has also provided pegs suitable for disabled anglers.

Checked 02/10/18


Christ Church Meadows

Located in Oxford, Free fishing on the Thames from Wolsey Road.

Disabled access near Wolsey Road with a specially designed platform giving good acces to the river.

Google Map Ref 51.746171, -1.254892

Checked 20/09/18

Upper Farm Henton

a 1 acre pair of spring fed pools sepearted by a narrow waterway stocked with a mix of fish including common, crucian, mirror, leather, grass carp to high teens, plus chub, roach, rudd, bream, perch and orfe.

Pond 1 at .6 of and acre has 11 swims with one peg, peg 6, reserved for wheelchair users.

Call 07476 082142

Google Map Ref 51.714952, -0.892006

Checked 20/09/18


Rutland Water

Built in the 1970's this 3100 acres reservoir offers a complete day out for all of the family whether fishing or taking part in the multitude of activities available on and off the water including places to eat, pubs, walking, bird watching, sailing, wind surfing.

But enough of that, Rutlands hold trout, lots of them and they grow big up to 15lbs. There are also pike of monstrous proportions, zander and other coarse fish. There are 65 boat with outboards and 25 miles of bank to roam (excluding reserved areas).

Fly fishing for pike is exciting and the prosect of having a 40lb fish on is just a tad scarey.

Call 01780 686441 for permits and further information.

There is a wheelyboat available.

Google Map Reference 52.657207 -0.660912

Checked 20/10/18


Alderwood Ponds


The fishery consists of 3 ponds; Daves Pond, The Corsican Pond and Island.

The lakes have carp to 38lbs plus tench to 10, bream roach, rudd and orfe.

Daves Pond has hard stand parking giving good acces for disabled anglers.

There are showers and toilets (including disabled facilities). They are also dog friendly (max 2 dogs).

Call 01903816377 or 07713468264

Google Map 50.902566, -0.337233 Post Code BN44 3AA

Checked 09/10/18

Lewes Angling Club

Fishing on 4 still waters and the river Ouse at Barombe Mills left bank (pike to 30lbs, carp to 25, barbel to 10lbs plus, bream, chub, roach, perch and dace. The still waters are:

Marl Pit, 22 pegs some suitable for disabled anglers, carp to 12lbs, roach and rudd. Google Map 50.964547, -0.018635

For membership enquiries call 01273 588130.

Google Map50.875188, 0.015940

Checked 09/10/18

Tonbridge Angling Club and Fish Protection Society

Like most angling club Tonbridge have a lot to offer. Fishing on 7 stretches of the river Medway over 14 miles of bank and on the Eden, plus still water fishing on 4 lakes.

The stillwaters are suitable for disabled anglers are;

Barden Lake, a mixed day ticket fishery with large carp some in the 20 to 40lb bracket. There are tench and bream to double figures plus big roach, perch and pike. Barden has good platforms suitable for disabled anglers.

Lower Haysden has roach, skimmers, bream, carp, tench, perch, pike, chub and gidgeon. Day Tickets from the bailiff.

Given that the club records include a 50lb plus carp and a 30+ pike and bream and barbel to mid teens this is good value fishing.

Day tickets are availble for parts of the river, Barden Lake and Lower Haysden.

Call 07947 557140 for further information

Google Map Tonbridge 51.195381, 0.275699

Checked 09/10/18


Devises Angling Association

Devises AA have a 15 mile stretch of the Kennet and Avon Canal and the 6 acre Croockwood Lake.

The waters covered by the club on the canal extend from Ladies Bridge near Pewsey to Semington Road bridge nead Melksham. The canal fishes best with the pole or waggler fishing for skimmers, bream, tench, roach, perch, rudd, pike and some carp.

Crookwood has 65 pegs 3 of which are suitable for disabled anglers. The holds carp to doubles (common, mirror, crucian) bream, tench, perch, gudgeon, rudd, goldfish, chub, barbel and pike.

Day Tickets and 14 day tickets available from local shops:

Day Tickets and Fishing License

Premier Angling, Chippenham. 01249 659210

The Tackle Company, Melksham 01225 793463

Wiltshire Angling, Trowbridge 01225 763835

T.K. Tackle, Calne 01249 812003

Cotswold Angling, Swindon 01793 522922

Day Tickets Only

Spar Shop, Bath Rd, Devizes

Lower Foxhangers Camp Site, Devizes. (after 8.30 am)

Google Map Ref Crookwood Lake 51.325519, -1.960010

The Canal from Wilcot 51.350569, -1.799025 to Semington Rd Bridge 51.347211, -2.138622

Checked 19/08/18


Furnace Mill Fishery

Near Kidderminster, consists of 4 pools:

Furnace Pool is a 1.5 acre lake formerly the mill pond for an old cannon ball factory. The lake has a reputation for being chockers with fish including some good carp. There are also roach up to 3lbs, tench, bream to 12lb average 1.5 to 5lbs, mirror and ghost carp to doubles.

Mucky Meadow with good roach, tench, bream, crucians and carp (mirror, ghost, common 3 to 6lbs, there are also rudd, orfe and perch.

Willow Pool, with roach, carp, bream, tench, crucians, chub

Mill Pool with roach, orfe, carp including common, mirror and ghost, tench and bream

There is a well equipped lodge with a tackle shop, snacks and toilets. Good access for disabled anglers.

Call 01299 266777

Google Map Reference 52.385517, -2.416809

Checked 27/09/18

Woodland View

Located near Droitwick this fishery has 9 pools all accessible to anglers with disabilities. The pools are :

Arles, 40 pegs on a good pole fishing pool. Common, mirror, ghost and leather carp to 20lbs averaging 5 to 6lb also tench, bream, perch and crucians.

High Pool, 1.5 acres with 35 pegs, carp to mid 20s, many doubles and barbel to 10lbs.

Front Deans and Back Deans, 2 pools totalling 64 pegs. Common, morror, ghost and leather carp averaging about 5 to 6lbs some go to 20. There are also tench, bream, barbel, roach, rudd and perch.

Hay and Barley a match fishing venue, canal style with 20 pegs, good for the pole so fishing one side only as the pool is only 20 metres wide. Carp, tench, skimmers, perch and roach.

Ghost Pool is an other cometition water with 25 pegs. Carp to 20lbs, skimmers, perch and roach.

Big Als is a mixed fishery with carp to 15lbs, roach, rudd, tench, bream, perch, there are 20 pegs.

Little Als pool 20 pegs with carp to 15lbs, roach, rudd, tench, bream, perch.

Woodlands, a small pool with lots of fish, popular with kids, elderly and disabled . Lots of roach, rudd, mirror and common carp to 12lbs, crucians, perch, bream and some chub.

Pegs are suitable for wheelchair user with concrete bases. There is also a cafe with toilets including disabled facilities.

Call 01905 620872

Google Map 52.279509, -2.208728 Post Code WR9 0AU

Checked 13/10/18

Trout Fisheries

 Cumbria Cheshire


Esthwaite Water Trout Fishery

A 280 acre glacial lake stocked with rainbows and brown trout. Fishing is from bank or boat, fly only in the North Basin and any method - fly, spinning, worm in the South Basin.

There is a good population of pike with a best fish of 39lb 8ozs! Fish to 20s are caught regularly on dead bait and lures. Pike fishing is restricted to the period 1st oct to 31st of March

The lake also holds roach, rudd, bream, silvers, eels and perch. Roach, perch, rudd to 3lbs and bream go to doubles. The permit does not include pike, trout caught must be returned immediately unharmed.

The fishery offers good access for disabled anglers including a boat and toilets.

Permits on site. Call 015394 36541.

Google Map Reference 54.358978 -2.984152

Checked 28/09/18


High Newton,

A Windermere and Ambleside Dist AA water consisting of 11 acres, an excellent dry fly water located at elevation with stunning view out to Morecambe Bay. Can be windy but this adds to surface activity as terrestrials get blown onto the water.

Stocked fortnightly with 2lb rainbows with some 4 to 6lb fish.

There is wheelchair access but you need to arrange this in advance by calling 07488534113.

Permits from Newby Bridge Motors.

Google Map Ref 54.247940, -2.922557

Checked 28/09/18


Chigboro Fishery

Near Maldon consisting of 3 lakes ranging from 1 acre to 17 acres stocked with rainbows, browns and salmon, including some big fish (best fish over 19lbs), day and season tickets, bank and boat fishing with good disabled access.

Home Water is the biggest at 17 acres, stocked with rainbow, browns and blues averaging 2lb 10ozs, 4 boats plus a wheelie boat. Rook Hall is 7 acres with two boats stocked the same as Home Water. Catch and release all year.

Priory is designed for beginners at 1 acre, heavily stocked with fish of 1 to 1.5lbs to make it possible for beginners to have a real chance of catching.

For bookings call 07702 244440

Google Map Reference 51.741772, 0.718816

Checked 08/10/18


Barlow Trout and Course Fishery

4 miles from Chesterfield, is located just on the edge of the Peak District consisting of a 8 lakes. Hard paths and roads make for disabled anglers.

There 4 coarse lakes with a good variety of species including carp

3 trout lakes stocked with fish in the 1.5 to 2lb range with bigger fish in the lakes.

A carp lake, overnight fishing is allowed

There is a cafe, good parking, toilets and hard paths with flat surfaces making it accessible to disabled anglers.

Permits can be bought on site.

Located at Crowhole, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 7TJ.

Call 0114 2890543

Google Map Reference 53.276857 -1.497102

Checked 30/09/18

Beechwood Park

A 6 lake complex (Swan x2) Warren, Oak, kingfisher, Horseshoe.

All are stocked with a mixed fishery range including carp, bream, tench, roach, rudd (Warren, 25 pegs) has carp to 15lbs, tench to 5 and chub to 4lbs plus roach, rudd, bream and perch).

All pegs are purpose built to accomodate young persons, disabled and elderly.

Call 07973562689.

Google Map Ref 52.889805, -1.384213

Checked 30/09/18

Press Manor Fishery


Just 5 miles from Chesterfield the fishery consists of 3 lakes for trout, carp and coarse fishing.

The trout fishery is 5.5 acres stocked with rainbows, brown trout, blues and brook trout averaging 2lb with some fish in the waters up to low teens.

There 5 boats for hire plus a wheelie boat for disabled anglers.

There is a lodge serving food and hot beverages. There are toilets on site.

Call 07976 306073 

Google Map Reference 53.251418 -1.517033

Checked 30/09/18


Birkwood Farm Lakes

Stanley near Wakefield, consists of 5 lakes opened just over 10 years ago. In 2007 a section of the river Calder was added to to the attraction.

The fours lakes are:

Main, a 3 acre lake with carp up to 30lbs plus roach, rudd, tench and bream fishing from 28 pegs. Fishes all year.

Froghall, this old lake has carp to the high 20s plus roach, tench, perch, rudd. Room for 10 fishers.

Emily's a canal style lake, good match venue with some carp to 20lbs including nirror, common and F1s giving the change of good hauls.

Oscar's same as Emilys

Mollys Lake , 2 acres with 25 pegs with carp to high teens, roach, bream, chub, rudd.

River Calder and associated canal, both the river and canal have been stocked with brown and rainbow trout, chub, gudgeon, roach, rudd, barbel. Pay at the Honesty Box at Mollys Lake.

Birkwood also offers good access for anglers with disabilities.

For bookings and further information call 07958451797.

Google Map Reference 53.708384 -1.454230 Post Code WF6 2JE

Checked 20/10/18

Cellars Clough,

Located in Marseden the fishing is now only in one specimen lake as further developments at the site progresses.

Main Lake, 3.5 acres with 11 generous pegs including double pegs for bivvies and a platform suitable for disabled anglers. The lake is a specimen lake with carp and pike to to 30+.

Night sessions must be prebooked

Day tickets from the water bailiff, call 0756312171.

Google Map Reference 53.601198 -1.922388 Post Code HD7 6LY

Checked 21/10/18

Highfields Fishery

Run by Garforth Angling Club this fishery located near Barwick on Elmet has a pleasant lake fringed on one side by mature trees. Stocked with rudd, roach, perch, chub, orfe and carp.

There are 35 pegs, 5 of which are designated for anglers with disabilities.

Tickets can be bought on site or you can contact them through their Facebook page.

Google Map Reference 53.817625, -1.382793

Checked 21/10/18

Swillington Park Fishery

Located near Leeds consists of 5 lakes built in the 18th centuary so they have had some time to settle in. There is good acces for people with disabilities.

Lake 1 .4: acres, a pleasure lake with carp from 6 to 16lb plus perch.

Lake 2: is .5 acres, a mixed fishery with big tench, bream, rudd, carp in the teens, barbel, perch, roach, ide and orfe.

Lake 3: 2.5 acres with care in the low to mid 20s plus rudd, roach, tench and bream

Lake 4: 2.5 acres, carp up 27lbs.

Lake 5: .A match fishery of 5 acres, 25 pegs , carp, ide, barbel, orfe, perch, roach.

Call 01132 869129 or 07970037475.

Google Map Reference 53.761264 -1.427471 Post Code L26 8QA

Checked 22/10/18

Salmon & Sea Trout

Wild Brown Trout