Spinfish Where to Fish in Northern Ireland - Lough Neagh

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Lough Neagh

The largest body of freshwater in the British Isles being 153 square miles in size. Legend has it that Finn McCool created the lough when in an argument with a rival Scottish giant he scooped up the land and threw it at the Jock. Missing his rival the land fell in the sea and became the Isle of Man and the hole formed filled with water to become Lough Neagh.

The loch have a vast array of fish including trout, ferox, powan, dollaghan, salmon and 'salmon trout' plus course fish, bream, rudd, roach, pike, perch. Amazingly there is little access to fishing on the lough which is exploited commercially by nets. Try www.differentfish.net who have what would appear to be the only permit to fish the lough with rod and line. Google Map Reference 54.605573, -6.419525