Spinfish Where to Fish in Northern Ireland - Melvin

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Lough Melvin

The other great Fermanagh lough which lies very close to the Donegal coast. Fishing here is a little complex because the border between Ulster and Eire runs through the lough with two thirds of the bank in the Republic. This means that to fish the whole loch you will need both an FCB license and a Northern Regional Fisheries Board license for the Southern Irish waters. Google Map Reference 54.432785, -8.162658

Melvin offers unique fishing for several 'species' of trout: brown trout, ferox, sea trout and most interestingly, gillaroo and sonaghen, there are also salmon, sea trout, char, eels, perch and rudd. Gillaroo feed on fresh water mussels and are vividly spotted in red and orange, found along rocky shores they do feed on emerging fly life. Sonaghan are plankton feeders living on daphnia, in shoals often in deep water, growing to 0.5 to 1.5lbs. Both gillaroo and sonaghan will come to the fly.

The lough is 7.5 miles long and up to two miles wide with the Drowes river acting as the out flow and the Tullymore, Roogagh, County, Ballagh and Glenaniff acting as inflows, a significant factor in the diversity of the trout which choose different locations in which to spawn thus eliminating competition. The west end of the lough is shallow with a maximum depth of 33 feet making it good trout water while the south east between Ross Point and Breffni Pier is up to 150 feet deep ideal for char and their predator the ferox.

Permits are issued by the the Garrison and Lough Melvin AA and available from Melvin Angling Centre on 028 6865 8194, the Melvin bar, Riverside Bar and Brendan Feely's Confectionery shop. There is a 6 fish limit on the fishery for trout and a limit of 1 salmon 1st March to 31st May and 3 salmon 1st June to 30th of September. Best flies Sooty and Golden Olives, Black Pennel, Bibios, Connemara Black, Peter Ross, Goslings, Green Peters, Mallard and Claret. Google Map Reference 54.432785, -8.162658