Spinfish Where to Fish in Southern Ireland - Shannon

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The Shannon is so vast a river system it merits its own entry simply because it extends from Co. Offaly all the way down to Limerick. While this vast catchment has many privately owner fisheries and angling club waters the Shannon Regional Fisheries Board controls the fishing on 27 waters in what they class as the 'Midland Fisheries'. These waters carry a variety if fish species from salmon and trout to immense pike and first class course fishing. Sadly the Shannon is one of the rivers that has suffered for the drift netting and is now closed for salmon fishing except on the Feale and the Mulcair, a great loss to the angling world it is hoped that the Shannon recovers quickly. Still, the trout, pike and coarse fishing can be exceptional.

To fish on the Shannon Board waters you need a National License (or a Shannon Regional License which costs 60 euros) and a Fisheries Board permit which costs 35 euros for a year or 18 Euros for 21 days. To buy permits and licenses on line and for loads of information on the waters log on to www.shannon-fishery-board.ie Google Map Reference 52.664932,-8.631188