Spinfish Where to Fish in Southern Ireland - Waterford

The Spinfish Southern Ireland Where to Fish A to Z


The Blackwater

Has a justifiable reputation for being one the best salmon fishing rivers in Ireland, and one of the top in Europe with catch statistics of 6000 - 8000 rod caught salmon per year. Google Map Reference 51.982766,-7.858711

The river has fish running throughout the year. The spring salmon in the 8 to 20lb range and run from February to April. Thegrilse run from April to July, with the run peaking at the end of June. The early grilse are larger (in the 5 to 7lb. range), while the later fish are in the 2 to 4lb range.This said - now the drift nets are gone, there was an approx. 50% increase in the average size of grilse and summer salmon in 2007.

There is a run of large May fish (distinct from the spring run) which comes in over a 3-4 week period from late May into June. These are in the 10 to 18lb range.

By far the biggest runs of salmon arrive in the back end of the season, through August and September, with as much as half of the seasons total catch being landed at this time.

Blackwater, Careyville Fishery

Is a reknowned salmon spring fishery. The beat includes Clondulane Weir. 5 year average about 600 fish. Careysville House and Fishery, c/o Lismore Castle, Lismore, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Tel: +353 58 54424. Google Map Reference 52.141869, -7.934933

Blackwater Lodge

Ballyduff, call +353 58 60235 . 28 miles of fishing on this prolific salmon river. Divided into three quarter mile beats for 2 rods there is no overcrowding, good wading, spanking good fishing. Google Map Reference 52.142957,-8.072186

Clodiagh River, Shannon River Board

Water with brown trout in the 0.75 to 2lb range, size limit 9" max bag 6 fish. Google Map Reference 52.303021,-7.552441