Trout Fisheries in Scotland - Dumfries and Galloway

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Barmagachan Fishery

Borgue near Kirkcubright consists of two spring fed loch of about 5 acres each stocked with rainbows. They also hold brown trout, brook trout, tigers and golden trout which are catch and release only. C & R is encouraged but permits to take up to 4 rainbows can be had, permits start from as little as £6. Call 01557 870220. Google Map Reference 54.819970, -4.157583

Broom Fisheries

Quality fishing on this extensive fisDalbeattieconsists of 4 pools; Quarry Pool is fly only 1 acre stocked with brownie 1 to 5lbs, Island Poolhery spread over 200 acres. 7 ponds in total; 4 trout, 3 course fish, stocked with rainbows, goldens, browns, blues and tiger trout from 2 to 20lbs. Catch and take, sporting, OAP and parent and child offers available. Contact the Lodge, Broom Farm Estate, Newbie nr Annan, Dumfries, DG12 5PF, call 01461 700209 or contact them at: Google Map Reference 54.980024, -3.305887

Craigielands Country Park

6 acre loch near Beattock stocked with rainbows and brown trout. Call 01683 300591. Google Map Reference 55.302053, -3.455764

Glenquicken Farm Fishery

Near Creetown is a 4.5 acre lochan spring feed and supplied by a burn that allows brownies to breed. Stocking density is maintained at 150 fish per acre rainbows starting from 2lbs with a record fish of 24lbs 5ozs. They also offer fishing on the Palnure Burn for sea trout and some salmon any method. 10 named pools part of the beat being tidal. Call 01671 820593. Google Map Reference 54.907213, -4.320482

Gorsebank Trout Fishery

On the A710 coast road near Dalbeattie offers fly only on Quarry Pool pool and bait pool on Island pool. 2 other pools Esate and Lily are coarse fisheries. Call 01556 610174. Google Map Reference 54.904905, -3.816750

Kirkchrist Farm Fishery

Near Newton Stewart with fishing for rainbows and brown trout on 9 ponds (best rainbow 17lbs best brown 10lbs). Contact 01671 830336 or 07887 983557. Google Map Reference 54.844299, -4.066864

Moffat Fishery

4.5 acre spring fed fishery pond stocked with rainbows 2.5lbs plus and brown trout some of which are real specimens. Call 01683 221220. Google Map Reference 55.327018, -3.440769


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